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SCE-P-18 CANCELLED Sailendra GOYARI - The biomass transformers: extracellular microbial cellulases from the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot; Co-author: Narayan Chandra TALUKDAR
SCE-P-41 CANCELLED Jingfang SUN - CO oxidation on CuO/CeO2 catalysts prepared by solid state impregnation method; Co-authors: L. ZHANG, C.J. TANG, Y. DENG, F. GAO, L. DONG
EC-O-47 CANCELLED Yexin ZHANG - Different mechanisms between reactions of soot with gaseous and adsorbed NO2; Co-authors: Shaojie CHEN, Qian LI, Zhaoliang ZHANG, Jian ZHANG
EC-P-22 CANCELLED Xacvier GALINDO - CO2 adsorption efficiency of chitosan-based biopolymers as emission control system for greenhouse gases; Co-authors: Ricardo HARNER, Ysian SANCHEZ, Ivan FIGUEROA
EC-P-25 CANCELLED Yun GUO - Catalytic performance of LaCoO3 perovskite for the deoxidization of coal bed methane; Co-authors: Zhengyang ZHAO, Li WANG, Yanglong GUO, Wangcheng ZHAN, Guanzhong LU
EC-P-43 CANCELLED Yun GUO - Ultralow-temperature CO oxidation on Co3O4-based catalyst: A strategy to tune CO adsorption strength and oxygen activation simultaneously; Co-authors: Yang LOU, Xiao-Ming CAO, Li WANG, Yun GUO, P. HU, Guanzhong LU, Zhenyang ZHOU
EC-P-44 PRESENTER Andrew BINDER (was Jae-Soon CHOI) - - Enhancing durability and low-temperature activity of Pd-based diesel oxidation catalysts using ZrO2 supports; Co-authors: Mi-Young KIM, Jae-Soon CHOI, Todd J. TOOPS, Cyril THOMAS, James E. PARKS II, Viviane SCHWARTZ, Jihua CHEN
EC-P-49 CANCELLED Naseer Ahmed KHAN - Nitrous oxide decomposition over Co-ZSM-5 and Fe-ZSM-5 at elevated pressures; Co-authors: Eric M. KENNEDY, Bogdan Z. DLUGOGORSKI, Michael STOCKENHUBER
EC-P-77 CANCELLED Haiqin WAN - Selective hydrodechlorination of 1,2-dichloroethane to ethylene over Pd-Ag/Al2O3 catalysts; Co-authors: Yuxiang HAN, Jingya SUN, Wenjuan WANG, Zhaoyi XU, Shourong ZHENG
EC-P-79 CANCELLED Li WANG - The study of SO2 in the C3H6–SCR for NOx reduction over Ag/Al2O3; Co-authors: Jianmei CAO, Shucheng WANG, Yun GUO
EC-P-86 CANCELLED Wangcheng ZHAN - Effect of samarium substitution on the structure and activity of MnOx for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia at low temperature; Co-authors: Y. GUO, Y.L. GUO, G.Z. LU
EC-P-87 CANCELLED Rongshu ZHU - Simultaneous removal of soot and NOx with noble metal catalysts; Co-authors: Junjia WANG, Qingyun YAN, Jiansheng HE
EC-P-96 TITLE Huazhen CHANG - A novel mechanism for poisoning of metal oxides SCR catalyst: base-acid explanation correlated with redox property (was: The correlation of poisoning effect of P and the redox properties for NH3 and NO oxidation over CeO2-MoO3 catalyst for DeNOx)
EC-P-97 UPGRADED Cyril THOMAS - On the origin of the optimum loading of Ag on Al2O3 in the C3H6-SCR of NOx; Co-authors: T. CHAIEB, L. DELANNOY, C. LOUIS
IAC-O-01 CANCELLED Xiaobing ZHU - Kinetic study of photocatalytic removal of formaldehyde from air over anatase TiO2 films; Co-authors: Xiao-Song LI, Da-Lei CHANG, Zhi-Guang SUN, Xiao-Qing DENG, Ai-Min ZHU
WT-K-1 PRESENTER Claude DESCORME (for Michèle BESSON) - Chemical stability of heterogeneous catalysts in the Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of nitrogen-containing pollutants in water
WT-O-10 CANCELLED Zhanggen HUANG - Influence of modification methods on the surface characteristics and catalytic performance of activated carbon in persulfate activation; Co-authors: Zequan ZENG, Jieyang YANG, Xiaojin HAN
WT-P-09 CANCELLED Shamaila SAJJAD - Visible light utilization via micro/mesoporous tungstate titanate composite; Co-authors: Ahmed Khan Leghari SAJJAD, Jinlong ZHANG
GC-K-2 NEW PDF Hideyuki OKUMURA and Susumu ENDO - Magnetic field effect on heterogeneous photocatalysis; Co-authors: S. JOONWICHIEN, E. YAMASUE, K.N. ISHIHARA
(Updated abstract file)
GC-O-02 CANCELLED Haresh MANYAR - Probing chemistry and kinetics of reactions in heterogeneous catalysts; Co-authors: T.G.A. YOUNGS, D.T. BOWRON, L.F. GLADDEN, Christopher HARDACRE
GC-O-05 CANCELLED Chengcheng TIAN - Three-phase catalytic system: Water-hydrophobic ionic liquid-nanostructured VOPO4-SiO2 solid acid for efficient conversion of fructose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural Co-authors: Xiang ZHU, Song-Hai CHAI, Zili WU, Yanglong GUO, Sheng DAI
GC-O-13 PRESENTER Raul C. RIVAS (was Patrick MILLS) - Kinetics of the self-buffering enzymatic hydrolysis of pectin in a batch reactor; Co-authors: Patrick MILLS, Heman P. ASHER
GC-P-17 UPGRADED Shuichi NAITO - Effect of structural change of ordered mesopore and Li cation addition upon selective syngas conversion into C2 oxygenates over Rh/CeO2 catalysts; Co-authors: Tomotsugu SHINGAKI, Tomoki HAKEDA, Akihiro YOSHIDA
GC-P-23 PRESENTER Raul C. RIVAS (was Patrick MILLS) - Modeling and experimental validation of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) removal from crude vegetable oils using fiber reactor technology; Co-authors: Cesar G. MORAN, Patrick MILLS
GC-P-24 PRESENTER Raul C. RIVAS (was Patrick MILLS) - Production of galacturonic acid from the enzymatic hydrolysis of citrus processing waste biomass; Co-authors: Kim D. JONES, Patrick MILLS
GC-P-33 PRESENTER Víctor Gabriel BALDOVINO MEDRANO (for Maryna KUZMINSKA) - Grafting of macroporous Si(HIPE) foams with acidic groups for heterogeneous catalysis of esterification; Co-authors: M. DEPARDIEU, E.M. GAIGNEAUX, R. BACKOV
GC-P-34 PRESENTER Víctor Gabriel BALDOVINO MEDRANO (for Maryna KUZMINSKA) - “Green” synthesis of biolubricants catalyzed by ion-exchange resins; Co-author: E.M. GAIGNEAUX
GC-P-37 PRESENTER Alexandre GOGUET (was Haresh MANYAR) - - Advances in selective hydrogenation of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes and ketones using porous manganese oxide (OMS-2) and platinum supported OMS-2 catalysts; Co-authors: B. YANG, H. DALY, R. MORGAN, K. MORGAN, P. HU, J. SZLACHETKO, J. SÁ, C. HARDACRE


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